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DC Automotors is the official and the exclusive (due to the certificate) representative of MWM GmbH – the one of the leading companies in Europe and in the world in branch of cogeneration technologies for independent energy supplying. Cogeneration is the process of simultaneous generation of both electricity and useful heat by using a power station, and it means the end user reliable energy supplying.

For the safety and inexpensive supplying your enterprise with both electricity and heat we offer you the delivering or erection on the “turn-key” basis the CHP plant from MWM GmbH (former DEUTZ Power Systems) – the famous world manufacture of diesel and gas engines and complete CHP in power range from 400 up to 4300 kW (0,4-4,3 MW). By using our aggregates you can cover power range from 300 kW up to 50 MW for the decentralization of energy supplying.

The CHP plants were widely adopted in many industrial branches and non-profit sector. For example, about 50% of industrial and municipal users of electricity and heat are profiting from advantages of own CHP plants.

The CHP, that we offer have recourse to the main overhaul of 64 hours and low operational costs: natural gas flow – not more than 0,25 – 0,3 m3, motor oil consumption – 0,15 – 0,3 gr. for the generation of 1 KW/h of electricity with the by-producing of 427-4321 KW heat practically free of charge (as heat water of 90-110ºC and also steam (in exhaust heat boiler) for the processing needs of the manufactory.

MWM CHP plants (former DEUTZ) differs with high efficiency (electrical efficiency factor during operation with natural gas reaches 42,2%-43,7%, and heat efficiency – 43,3-45,2%), they are environment friendly, flexibly, easy to mount and to serve, they have operation time of about minimal 25 years, and low investments ration.  
TCG family, 50 Hz

Fuel: natural gas, biogas, mine gas, special gas

As fuel one can use not only natural gas, but also other gas types: different biogases, landfill gas, mine gas, cocks gas and others. We are proud about that fact, that our cogeneration units can be operated with fuel gas with methane content of 25% (for example: coal mine Pniwek, Poland and in Mainz, Germany with 2 x TCG 2032 V16 aggregates, that can be operated with mine gas and methane content only 25%!)
During its 140 years existing the MWM GmbH company (which founder was Carl Benz) has produced millions of engines, also gas motors and completed CHP plants, that are widely adopted in industrial branches and municipal sector.
The considerable advantage of MWM cogeneration aggregates is their adaptability to the non constant daily chart of electrical load. MWM GmbH guarantees the operation of their aggregates with the loads from 100% up to 50% (including) without any of limitations of operation terms and also the possibility to make one aggregate start in a day (for example, stop of the CHP plant for the night with the its further start in the morning) without reducing the motor life time (see the official statement of MWM here…).
The next advantage of MWM aggregates is their operation with the gas of middle and low gas pressure: 20-300 Mbar (0,02 - 0,3 kg-f cm2). It means our cogeneration aggregates do not need the expensive booster compressor on the gas pipe-line, that considerable reduce the price of the CHP plant in totally.
We will be glad as to answer all your further questions and to grant you all additional information, so to prepare the commercial offer due to the technical and economical requirements of your enterprise.