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Allison Transmission 

Company Allison Transmission («Allison Transmission"), played an important role in the development of ground and air transportation in the twentieth century. Allison Transmission was established in 1915 and is a world leader in production and sales of automatic transmissions for trucks and buses. 
Looking ahead to seize tomorrow's opportunities today has been the "Allison Way" since the company's inception. Our ability to anticipate and meet customer needs through technological innovation has been evident from the beginning: from the Liberty aircraft engines through the CD-850 tank transmission, to our World Transmissions, the Allison Production System and the 1000 Series™ and 2000 Series™ transmission.

All over the world, equipment owners and operators recognize the benefits Allison Automatics provide.
- Improved productivity. 
- Reduced cost of ownership. 
- Driver comfort and safety.

We design, develop and build 80% of the world's automatic full power-shifting transmissions. When an ambulance or fire engine goes on a call, they do so confident that an Allison transmission is going to get them there.

City buses, school buses and distribution, refuse collection, military and off-road vehicles run their daily schedules powered by the superior performance of Allison transmissions. 
Worldwide, the 2,700 plus employees of Allison Transmission are dedicated to progress, to our history of excellence, our spirit of innovation, and to products that are second to none.

Read more: http://www.allisontransmission.com/

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